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is a non- invasive method for establishing various life style changes, and compliments other western medical approaches. As a professional service provider, a qualified Hypnotist utilizes their training to create and provide a personalized hypnosis menu.

Betty Ann is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist, and a member of the NGH adhering to a Code of Ethics & Standards, as well as meeting yearly qualifications of continuing educational units.

The initial appointment sets the rapport between the client & Hypnotist. The individualized Hypnosis menu may require a few sessions, with self-skills being establish for the client to independently maintain the changes. There are many styles of approaches for individual issues, and regression technique is an option that could also be explored.


Clients' Comments

The Hypnosis with Betty Ann opened my mind to a deeper level. I felt safe all through the session, even when experiencing the emotional feelings, which were from a different level of understanding. I was able to process, as if outside of it, and came to a conclusion that I normally wouldn't have. Michelle, H. W. Winfield, NY

Private Appointments Only

Sessions: 1-1/2 to 2 hours
Hypnosis is a professional & confidential service.
Silver Mist Connections has evolved through years of Betty Ann's personal journey with a theme of "Acheiving Harmony with Nature's Energy"!
Betty Ann Petkovsek
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