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Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway)

Is an ancient tradition of living in harmony with one's surroundings by working with the natural energy flow.

Traditional Feng Shui incorporates:
Exterior Landform
Building Structure
Interior Arrangements

This concept encompasses eight Earthly Directional Points and correlates with various aspects of one's life.

Applying Feng Shui can enhance in areas of:
Prosperity and Relationships
Career Growth and Recognition
Knowledge and Creativity
Well being and Spirituality

The principle is to increase the Positive Chi (energy) with a smooth gentle flow.

This ancient Chinese tradition:
is Universal and can be applied with any design style.
is Safe by working with Natural Elements
is Adaptable to blend with personal preferences and belief values.
Feng Shui works with existing surroundings and structures and can be utilized in:
A Business or a Home
One Room or on a Desk Top
A Park or a Garden.

Clients' Comments

It is immediately evident that Betty Ann posses deep knowledge and skill regarding Feng Shui. The resulting desing is perfect and within hours of implementing I noticed how people were drawn to the salon are and made new customers!

Christine S. Faces of Astarte, Little Falls, NY

Betty Ann was detailed in asking questions about all activity areas in the Martial Arts School. Some of the suggestions were easily institued and made the area evem more fundctional than before. Students and their families commented right away about the positive differences. I found her serives affordabel in regards to the time and energy spent.

Dana A. Herkimer, NY

Silver Mist Connections has evolved through years of Betty Ann's personal journey with a theme of "Acheiving Harmony with Nature's Energy"!
Betty Ann Petkovsek
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